Design for Wellbeing auf der NordiCHI 2018 in Oslo

Der Positive Praktiken Canvas auf der NordiCHI 2018 in Oslo


Auf der diesjährigen NordiCHI 2018wurde das Paper “The Positive Practice Canvas – Gathering Inspiration for Wellbeing-Driven Design” vorgestellt. Der Canvas ist ein Werkzeug der im Projekt “Design for Wellbeing.NRW” entstanden ist. Er hilft dabei wohlbefindensorientierte Daten in Interviews mit Praktikern zu sammeln und für den Design-Prozess nutzbar zu machen.

Das Paper kann bei ACM heruntergeladen werden.

Hier das “abstract” vorab:

The goal of a wellbeing-driven approach to technology design is to improve peoples’ everyday lives by providing enjoyable and meaningful experiences. While models and frameworks to disentangle the complex interplay between wellbeing and technology exist, most of these remain rather abstract. What seems required are methods and tools to support designers/developers with identifying concrete opportunites to improve wellbeing through design. This paper introduces the Positive Practice Canvas (PPC) as such a tool. The PPC is an interview guide and notepad to gather instances of especially enjoyable and meaningful practices. We introduce our particular approach to wellbeing-driven design, describe and discuss the PPC as well as resulting insights in detail.