Submit a short paper to Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2010) ...

... but beware the deadline: 1. May 2010. This year, I am -- together with Mark Blythe -- short-paper chair for Designing Interactive Systems 2010 (DIS). It isa wonderful bi-annual conference, which "brings together professional designers, ethnographers, systems engineers, usability engineers, psychologists, design managers, product managers, academics and anyone involved in the design of interactive systems." This year it will take place in Arhus, Denmark, from the 16. to the 20. of August, 2010.

DIS is a very good place for people, who look for sound and reflective approaches to the design of technology - beyond hype technology, simplistic usability or the mere styling of user interfaces. It is no wonder that some in the sphere of design-oriented user experience well read (and cited) papers were originally presented at DIS. (Take Jodi Forlizzi and Katja Battarbee's (2004) Understanding experience in interactive systems as an example). It is definetly worth presenting there.

TalksMarc Hassenzahl