M!nd - Can back-up be fun?

Everybody knows it is important - but nobody is actually doing it. Or did you back-up your personal data, your pictures, music, and movies lately? Johannes Neusel created a concept for a slate PC, M!nd, which makes back-up fun and a little  more likely by explicitly integrating external data back-up into the docking station.  Data is not just back-up'ed but "poured" into the external hard drive. Instead of using a nagging minder, data unobtrusively clots in the lower right corner of the screen the more the data on the slate is asynchronous with what is on the back-up drive. If the difference gets bigger, the screen gets askew. This is a strong, yet natural call for action: "Back-up and make me straight again". [youtube url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKcwGcviVvs"]

Read Johannes' full thesis (in German).