Experience Design on NordiCHI 2010

Sarah Diefenbach, Matthias Laschke, Claudia Nass from our cooperation partner IESE, and from the Daniel UllrichTechnical University Darmstadt will present on this year's NordiChi 2010 in Iceland. Monday, October 18., 11:00: DESIGNi – A Workbench for Supporting Interaction Design by Claudia Nass, Kerstin Klöckner, Sarah Diefenbach, Marc Hassenzahl. This is a result of the FUN-NI project.

Monday, October 18., 11:00: From Magical Experience to Effortlessness: An Exploration of the Components of Intuitive Interaction by Daniel Ullrich and Sarah Diefenbach.

Tuesday, October 19., 13:00: linked. – A Relatedness Experience for Boys by Matthias Laschke, Marc Hassenzahl, Kurt Mehnert. More on linked is here.

Wednesday, October 20., 9:00: The Impact of Concept (Re)presentation on Users’ Evaluation and Perception by Sarah Diefenbach, Marc Hassenzahl, Kai Eckoldt, Matthias Laschke

If you go there: Enjoy Iceland and meet the Experience Design group.