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Aesthetics in interactive products: Correlates and consequences of beauty

Beauty matters. Certainly, most people would agree. Beauty is an important ingredient of our daily lives. We admire and praise the beauty of nature, architecture, music, other people – an ugly color or an awkward form easily repels us. Given its pervasiveness, the lack of research addressing beauty (or aesthetics) in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is striking (see Tractinsky, 2005).

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The "Beauty Dilemma"

The empirical study of aesthetics in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is concerned with – among other topics – the relationship between beauty and usability and the general impact of beauty on product choice and use. Specifically, the present paper explores the notion of a "beauty dilemma" – the idea that people discount beauty in a choice situation, although they value it in general (i.e., they are not choosing what makes them happy). We explored this idea in three studies with a total of over 600 participants.

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